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Prof. Nicholson To Lecture At Oxford

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Professor Thomas Nicholson, a prominent Duncanian researcher from America, will lecture on drug policy issues at Oxford University for the second successive year at the end of this year's Hilary Term. Dr. Nicholson is Professor of Public Health at Western Kentucky University and Professor of Community Medicine at the University of Louisville in the United States. He was reportedly on the short-list of candidates President Obama considered for appointment as the U.S. "Drug Czar". He is also past chairman of the N.A.P.H.P. Council on Illicit Drugs, which has been a major advocacy group supporting a public health approach to drug policy.
Prof. Nicholson first lectured at Lincoln College, Oxford last year, when he spoke on "Focusing on Addictive Disorders Rather than Drug Use" . This year he will lecture from 29 March to 3 April 2009 on "Substance Abuse: From Biology to Ethics -- Changing Patterns of Substance Abuse".
Registration for the lectures is by invitation only. In addition to senior members of the Oxford academic community, invitees also include leading researchers and policy-makers from around the globe

Persons wishing information on Prof. Nicholson's work might contact him at



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